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A licensed fruit nursery ZP Miroslava Mincheva with an area of ​​20 decares was established in 2012. It is located in the village of Sadievo, Slivensko Shose area. One of the most dynamically developing nurseries in the country…


Preparation of projects under the 2014-2020 RDP.
Establishing perennials from site preparation to garden planting.

The apricot tree is heat-loving, with powerful roots, reaches a height of over 8 meters, lives 40-60 years. Its leaves are elliptical – shiny, dark green above and dull green below, the flowers – white or pink.

The fruit is fleshy, with a flattened stone, the nut of which people have long used as a substitute for almonds. A characteristic furrow divides the fruit into 2 parts. The color of a ripe apricot is pale yellow to orange, some varieties are mossy. The first apricots ripen in June, and the late ones in August.

For normal development and fruiting, a temperature sum of not less than 2800°C is necessary during the growing season. During the natural winter dormancy, apricot tolerates low temperatures up to -27-28°C, but at positive temperatures of 10-12°C at the beginning of winter dormancy, its resistance to low winter temperatures decreases.

In order to obtain a regular and normal yield, the apricot requires irrigation. The total amount of water that plants use for transpiration and evaporates from the soil from one acre of area, at normal plant density in one year is 650-700 cubic meters.


We have 100 acres of orchard for the production of grafts. The produced planting material is of guaranteed high quality, meeting all the requirements of the European standard.

Useful articles


Franket Strongly growing with an upright stem. Cold-resistant American variety. It develops late. Ripening date: September 15-20 Pollinators: Chandler and


Fernor French variety cross between Franket and Lara suitable for areas with low temperatures. It develops early and has a


Chandler One of the best American varieties worldwide. The tree is strong growing with a moderately developed crown and semi-vertical


All apricot trees are on sale from BGN 3.00 per piece.